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Una Boccata d’Arte 2021 represents the natural evolution of the initiative first carried out in 2020. It is the Fondazione Elpis’s most important special project, realized in collaboration with Maurizio Rigillo of Galleria Continua and the curatorial team at Threes Productions. It all started with my passion for contemporary art and the desire to give support and encouragement both to emerging artists and young professionals, up to including young curators and collaborators. Marina Nissim.

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Fondazione Elpis with FAI

Marina Nissim has been a supporter of the Italian National Trust since 2018. In this interview, she discusses how Fondazione Elpis’s values and actions align with those of the FAI.
Through the Una Boccata d’Arte project, I’ve had a taste of how much effort goes in to finding, restoring and re-opening hidden gems that have been left to decay for years. Often, financial considerations are the least of our concerns, because it is actually indifference that prevents us from seeing how precious these places are for human wellbeing.

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Metti i giovani artisti

nei piccoli borghi

«I have long been collecting and I am often fascinated by the youngest artists, their experiments and creativity, and their relationship with the world. We tried to appeal to all artistic disciplines, from painting, sculpture and installations, to performance, in a perspective in which these site-specific installations, conceived for the landscape, the architecture, the history and the local people, could give an artistic and current interpretation of the place». La Repubblica, Sunday 1 August 2021, curated by Dario Pappalardo.

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The documentary broadcast on Sky Arte 120 and 400 on the second edition of Una Boccata d’Arte 2021 is now also available from mobile devices. Do not miss the journey to discover 20 contemporary art projects in 20 of the most beautiful and suggestive villages of Italy.

2021 - 2nd edition

from June 26 to September 26, 2021

Twenty beautiful Italian villages were enlivened by twenty temporary in situ installations, created mostly outdoors, by emerging and established Italian artists.

2021 – 2nd edition
2020 – 1st edition

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