Una Boccata d’Arte
20 artists 20 villages 20 regions

Una Boccata d’Arte is a contemporary art project by Fondazione Elpis in collaboration with Galleria Continua. It aims to inject audiences with a spark of optimism about cultural, touristic, and economic recovery by fusing contemporary art with some of the historic and artistic beauty of Italy’s most evocative villages.

The twenty villages selected every year will then become the stage for twenty site-specific installations, produced by both emerging and established artists invited by Fondazione Elpis and Galleria Continua.

Twenty artists, for twenty villages, spread around all twenty regions of Italy: with Una Boccata d’Arte, Fondazione Elpis hopes to make a significant contribution in support of contemporary art and valorization of Italy’s historical and landscape heritage. We hold firm to the belief that creative work and artistic activity will be part of the rebirth and reaction to uncertainty.

Una Boccata d’Arte is a victory against uncertainty and brings art and beauty back into our lives.

2021 - 2^ edition

from June 26 to September 26, 2021

2020 - 1^ edition

from September 11 to October 10, 2020