Una Boccata d’Arte has accomplished something powerful and completely original, garnering both critical success and popular appeal. For me, this is a joy providing enormous satisfaction; the response has comforted me and struck me to my core. I have participated in openings and visited almost all the participating towns and villages, and felt a sense of closeness and warmth, despite the social distancing measures in place. I’m convinced I did the right thing and am happy about it! This all adds up to prime conditions for a second edition of Una boccata d’arte. We will carefully evaluate this first edition and the strengths that should remain, the pitfalls to be corrected, and then… who knows!

Marina Nissim, President of Fondazione Elpis.

This project is driven by a great desire for beauty, more urgent than ever in these trying times, relaunching contemporary visual art and promoting the discovery of our national heritage and landscape, especially the lesser known one. In addition, it involves many young people among the invited artists, but also in the operational and organizational group, with a clear desire for new visions and new perspectives in the world of culture and art.

Maurizio Rigillo, Galleria Continua.

Threes, a curatorial team and creative agency based in Milano, concentrates its practice on projects that intersect sound, art and landscape. Three’s main project is Terraforma, an international festival that from 2014 takes place in Villa Arconati’s park developing a programme of musical experimentation with a focus on environmental sustainability. In the second edition of Una Boccata d’Arte 2021, Threes will curate the exhibitions in: Trentino-Alto Adige, Umbria and Campania.

Nicola Giuliani, Ruggero Pietromarchi, Leone Manfredini.


Una Boccata d’Arte is a contemporary art project widespread in all Italy’s regions that promotes the encounter between contemporary art and some of the historic and artistic beauty of Italy’s most evocative villages.Twenty villages with populations not exceeding 5,000 will be selected each year, based on a number of factors, including an active cultural scene, artisanal prowess, a viable market, and familial hospitality.

The villages will then become the stage for twenty site-specific contemporary art installations, produced by emerging and established artists, invited by Fondazione Elpis and Galleria Continua.

Twenty artists in twenty villages, in all twenty Italy’s regions.


Una Boccata d’Arte allows the artist the widest creative freedom and the use of any artistic media within thematic exhibitions that dialogue persuasively with the villages. For its founding choice, Fondazione Elpis, careful when faced with educational impacts and social aspects of its activities, focuses its projects both on established artists and on the support of young and emerging ones, coming from different countries and cultures, whose talent deserves a greater opportunity for visibility and support. Fondazione Elpis and Galleria Continua share each phase of selection of the twenty artists, at each edition: from the cognitive one in the artist’s studios, to that of careful evaluation of their work.